Xiaomi introduced the compact telescope Star Trang Telescope at $ 89.

As part of the Xiaomi 9th Anniversary Mi Fan Festival on its ninth birthday, Xiaomi presented the Star Trang Telescope telescope. It's an amateur telescope, and like all the products of this company, it's a meager price - just 599 Chinese yuan or about $ 89.

Xiaomi introduced the compact telescope Star Trang Telescope at $ 89.
Xiaomi introduced the small telescope Star Trang Telescope at $ 89.

The telescope is provided with two different aspherical eyepieces with a diameter of 23 and 10 mm, both of which have a viewing angle of 60 degrees. Eyepieces offer an increase of 21.7x and 50x, respectively. The lens of the new telescope is an optical lens with a multilayer coating that improves the visual characteristics of the entire system. The image displayed by the telescope is really very detailed.

To the merits of the new optical drive, developers highlight the portability and unique design, providing a flexible individual setting that is suited to both children and riders. The manufacturer states that the telescope provides a convenient view of rivers and lakes, mountains and the starry sky.

The telescope is equipped with a stainless steel tripod. Individual protective discs are included in the kit to protect the eyepieces from scratches and damage. In addition to the Star Trang Telescope, a carry case is also included.

Sales of the Xiaomi Star Trang Telescope telescope launch on April 9 this year, along with other devices presented at the Mi Fan Festival.
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