SCMP: Foxconn partially halted production of Huawei smartphones.

The South China Morning Post web portal reported that Huawei, which was sanctioned by the United States, has cut sales of its smartphones.

SCMP: Foxconn partially halted production of Huawei smartphones.

In this regard, the Taiwanese mobile electronics maker Foxconn has stopped working on several Huawei mobile assembly lines.

However, rumors in this direction are increasing. If they turn out to be true at one point, Huawei's ambitious plans to become the world's largest smartphone maker in 2020 are questionable.

Obviously, when US top-level companies banned from working with the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei has no choice but to cut production.

Without a license to use the Android operating system and Google's online services, as well as Qualcomm's chips and ARM's intellectual property, Huawei's smartphones are unlikely to sell well outside of China.

Let us recall that on May 15 this year US President Donald Trump signed a decree that allowed the US Department of Commerce to block deals with the participation of foreign communications companies if they threaten the national security of the country.

The very next day, on May 16, the ministry included Huawei and its other 70 black companies, which banned the purchase of US components and the use of US software and technology.
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