Panasonic introduced the LUMIX G90 with a 5-axis dual image stabilizer and 4K video technology.

Panasonic unveiled it's a new digital, non-responsive, high-resistive body - the LUMIX G90, which features high outdoor mobility and plenty of photo and video features and technologies.

Panasonic introduced the LUMIX G90 with a 5-axis dual image stabilizer and 4K video technology.
Panasonic introduced the LUMIX G90 with a 5-axis dual image stabilizer and 4K video technology.

In pursuit of the high-quality picture, the 20.3-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor without smoothing filter draws the most out of the lens, and the Venus Engine delivers crisp, realistic images.

Combining O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer, 2-axis) and B.I.S. (Image Stabilizer in the Body, 5-Axis), 5-Axis Double Image Stabilizer "5-axis Dual I.S. 2 "effectively suppresses blur, allowing you to reduce the shutter speed by 5 stops * 1 to get the most out of the two stabilization systems. Users can enjoy both wide-angle and telescopic photos and non-blurry photos, even in low light conditions.

The Contrast Autofocus system uses DFD technology (Depth From Defocus) and features high performance and high precision.

Digital data is exchanged between the camera and the lens at a maximum speed of 240 frames per second * 2, resulting in ultra-fast autofocus performed for approximately 0.07 seconds * 3. Camera shooting capabilities are enhanced, and the camera can shoot up to 600 (JPEG) / 30 (RAW) images at 9fps (AFS / MF) / 6fps (AFC). The range of autofocus modes, including Face / Eye Detection AF, Pinpoint AF, One-shot AF, and Low Light AF,, enhance the camera's capabilities in different shooting situations.

The LUMIX G90 has a new intuitive design to ensure smooth and intuitive one-hand operation, according to the photographer's intentions.

It is equipped with an OLED Live View viewfinder with a high resolution of 2360K and an approximate increase of 1.48x / 0.74x (equivalent to 35mm camera). The large 3.0-inch OLED rear-viewer with a freely adjustable angle and resolution of about 1040K points uses a touch-sensitive touch control system that dramatically facilitates low or high angle shooting.

The many advanced video features make the LUMIX G90 a truly hybrid camera. In addition to the ability to record 440K video at 384 × 2160 at 30p / 25p or 24p in MP4 format, the LUMIX G90 can also output real-time image to an external monitor/recorder through the HDMI output, while recording video. The High-Speed ​​Video feature allows users to record slow-motion video in Full HD format at 120 fps (1/4x), 90fps (1/3x), or 60fps (1 / 2x). What's more, a 4: 2: 0/8-bit log entry with V-Log L. is also available. The 3.5mm microphone input. Jack and headphone output are serious enhancements to high-quality sound recording features.

The benefits of 4K technology enable users to capture even the smallest moments at 30 frames per second and store them as 8-megapixel stills with 4K PHOTO (4K Photography)
Auto Marking and Sequence Composition are new features added to Post Focus, Focus Stacking, Light Composition, and 4K Live Cropping to make the 4K PHOTO even more creative and easier to use.

The LUMIX G90 offers built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for more flexible, easy-to-capture, and instant image sharing. Compatibility with Bluetooth 4.2 (called BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy) allows for constant connection to a smartphone or tablet with minimum power consumption.

The camera battery can be charged with both AC power from the wall outlet and USB power supply, according to the user's preference. DMW-BGG1 battery pack (sold separately) provides comfortable and long-lasting shooting.
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