Galaxy Note 10 can be foolishly charged.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a phone that is still at the level of rumors and gets many negative ratings from consumers. Too many things worry about potential buyers of the new tablet. A recent leak of information gives a chance to the redemption of the Koreans.

Galaxy Note 10 can be foolishly charged.
Galaxy Note 10 can be foolishly charged.

It is possible that the phone has a feature that very few phones have to date. It's about super fast charging technology. There are also opinions that this could have an adverse effect on the brand and lead to further problems.

Samsung already offers the "Adaptive Fast Charging" option in its phones and it is okay, but for now it lags behind its competitors in terms of charging speed and overall innovation. Whether it is worth the risk of lightening people literally and translucently, we do not know. Samsung clearly thinks the probable success to be grand enough to try.

The famous @UniverseIce has posted a photo on Twitter with Da Vinci. It is believed to be the code name of the new Galaxy Note. There is also the text 101101 on the photo. This binary code turns to 45, which is associated with the possibility of a 45-watt quick charge on the incoming phone.

Adaptive Fast Charging now reaches 18 watts. Some time ago we heard that for Note 10 this could increase to 25 watts, but now we see a new leap - almost double. If that turns out to be true, there will be only two companies left behind Samsung - OPPO with the 50-watt SuperVOOC and Xiaomi with its experimental 100-watt technology.

Flame thrower in your pocket?
Fast charging does not happen to magic. It generates much more heat. Considering the giant's story of heat and self-burning phones, it could be both an incredible leap in the future and a blow to the bottom. Maybe it's time to see the outing.
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