Dark Mode on iOS 13 and why it's so important?

As already mentioned, Dark Mode is the expected new announcement of WWDC 2019 in a few hours. We are here now to look in more detail on why this is important.

Dark Mode on iOS 13
Dark Mode on iOS 13 

What is the dark mode we expect to see in iOS 13?

This will be an alternative theme/interface that uses darker tones and sometimes totally black elements. Two positive effects have been reported - less energy use and more eye-to-eye protection.

It has been proven that all mobile devices use less electricity to depict the darker colors. This actually increases battery life. If we are talking about a technique with OLED displays such as iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10, and OnePlus 7, the effect is even more significant. This is because the light produces a pixel there. When it comes to black, the pixels needed to stop working. Therefore they do not emit light or do not consume energy.

The dark interface will reduce the load on the eyes, especially when the light is insufficient or missing. In some cases, the alternative interface and fonts can help relieve conditions such as Scopia Sickness Syndrome. It is common in people who suffer from dyslexia and makes it difficult to perceive the text from the screen.

How will it look?
In early May, sources that are familiar with the matter have reported information about many of Apple's innovations. There was the talk of the dark regime in question. Later on, it turned out that some of these things would be left to the future. Apple, however, is pleased with the people's reaction to Dark Mode, and it must be ready on time.

Thanks to 9to5Mac, we saw supposed pictures of the mode:

Where can we still see this mode?
At WWDC 2018, we saw the last major release of the MacOS operating system - Mojave 10.14. The dark regime was part of the novelties that were identified as key.

In 2016, we saw the same thing, but with tv 10. Since then, the 4th generation of Apple TV has a dark mode to date.

Neighbor support for a dark theme will also appear on Android as part of the next big release - Android Q. There the name will be "Dark Theme." Google has already released the darkest view of apps like Google Keep and Google Calendar.

The same was done by third parties like Twitter, Slack, and Pocket.

For devices that support it at the system level, we can add OnePlus with their Oxygen OS and ASUS with their ZenUI 6 interface.

Surely the mass integration of this opportunity into more and more devices is not without cause, and we can not wait to touch on the real benefits of it.
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